Well I skipped November and December – had good intentions but the time just flew.  Several good things happened – Scholastic did another print run of 1915 Wounds of War and the Blind Foundation notified us that they are adding a braille and audio version of it to their N.Z. Youth Library. OneTree House let me know they have finalised the date for the release of I Had A Brother and I’ve seen some of the finished illustrations – fabulous.

I had a wonderful Christmas with our family and got a fair amount of gardening done before the hot weather started. Yesterday I finally finished the new edition of my Hukerenui  book and sent it to the printers.  I nearly made a huge blunder – I was reading the hard copy as the last stage before giving the go ahead for the print run and noticed there were coloured photo’s in the book, and some sepia. As I’d agreed to print ready PDF I had to make the changes. I’d assumed that because they were printing in black and white the photo’s would change. I’ll know better next time.

I’ve spent most of today updating my website and plan to do my author page on Amazon next. Then I’m back into my writing.

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